Footage Of This Festival Chick Whose Possibly Tripping Balls Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today, Maybe Ever

This clip comes from someone who works at Vital Events and puts on music festivals throughout the year, and they allege that they offered this chick free entry to any festival for life if she gave them permission to use this clip. It’s easy to see why someone might not want this on the Internet if they weren’t a pretty chill person because it’s not exactly the most flattering footage on the planet.

Festival season is just around the corner, and with it comes a flood of millennial chicks experimenting with drugs for their first time. I’m not saying that the chick above is on drugs, or that it’s anyone in the clip’s first time taking molly. But I will say that if I was going to take a shit ton of drugs and end up on the Internet I’d at least hope the footage looks as awesome as this.

We have a long history here at BroBible of sharing clips depicting savage acts filmed at music festivals, and while this chick above is my favorite clip so far in 2017 I think it’s important we take a look back through previous incidents:

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(h/t r/videos via Vital Events YouTube)