Woman Arrested For Flipping Shit At Denny’s Over Their All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Rule

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In the world of shitty nationwide chain diners made for broke people who like to pretend they’re “classy” and can afford going out to eat, Denny’s ranks third. For those of you interested, the ranking goes like this:

1. Waffle House
2. Death by any means
3. Denny’s
4. Getting a colonoscopy on your birthday

27-year-old Natasha West would probably put Denny’s at the bottom of the list, however, after she was arrested at a Chicago Denny’s on Friday night. Thinking she was a smart cookie who could game the system, West decided to order the $4 all-you-can-eat pancake deal and then share the pancakes with the other people at her table. For obvious reasons, you’re not allowed to share all-you-can-eat pancakes otherwise everyone would blow $4 at Denny’s then dip to go out and re-evaluate whatever poor life choices led them to Denny’s. Upon being informed that she was in fact not an evil genius and that, no, you can’t share your pancakes, West flipped shit.

West was dining Friday at a Denny’s in Oak Lawn, a Chicago suburb, when a server explained that the unlimited pancake offer was good for a single diner.

This did not sit well with West, who was apparently was under the impression that her $4 bought everyone at the table and unending pancake bounty.

According to the Oak Lawn Police Department, West cursed at the waitress and threw several punches at the employee (though the blows did not land). West and her party then left Denny’s without paying their tab, but not before she repeatedly kicked a door on the way out.(via)

West has since been charged with assault and damage to property.

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