Woman Goes On Enraged Rampage And Beats The Crap Out Of Boyfriend For Cheating

by 1 year ago

Don’t cheat. I know it’s difficult for some, but just don’t do it. Break up with the girl and be done with it. Because you don’t want to have to deal with a woman who has been scorned and now wants to rip off your testicles with a claw hammer. Such as this delightful lady who goes on a psychotic rampage after she finds out that her man cheated on her.

The man posted his side of the story:

I have cheated on my ex-girlfriend when we were together, got into some shit, left her, moved out, and after 1 year I moved back in because I needed a place to stay and I was still on the apartment lease.

Long story short, she was acting crazy the day I filmed this for some reason, demeaning me in front of our roommate and her friends telling me how we are just friends. She brought the guy she fucked after we broke up that same day although I told her not to just out of respect, as I never bring girls I fuck to her house either (her name is also on the lease).

Long story shorter, I knew this was gonna happen. She made me call the girl I cheated on her with by force of nagging. I accidentally called the girl “Babe” before hanging up. and that’s when she went APE-SHIT. Skip to 1:05 for action.

This isn’t even his girlfriend anymore and she still goes on a fierce and destructive warpath. This tornado of rage throws his shit, punches him, and kicks him. Cheating shouldn’t mean that you deserve domestic abuse, but it’s best to not give unstable people the ammunition to go off on you. Also, never move back into the apartment of your ex-girlfriend, especially if you’re banging new chicks.

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