This Test Determined Whether Men Prefer Athletic, Curvy, Or Slim Body Type Women

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Seeking to determine what the most attractive body type is for women, the folks over at Mail Online devised a test in which men would wear glasses that tracked their eye movements. The eyes of the men were tracked over a 30-second period, watching the movements across the ‘athletic’, ‘curvy’, and ‘slim’ body type.

This experiment is completely unscientific and has about ten million things wrong with the methodology, but it was seeking to corroborate recent findings that men prefer ‘slim’ body type women because that body shape is indicative of youth and fertility, from an evolutionary perspective.

If you are unable to view that embedded video you can see it HERE on The Daily Mail‘s ‘Femail’ vertical.

What were the findings? Based on glances from the participants ‘curvy’ won, with 36% of the sexual glances from male participants. Athletic came in second with 35%, and the ‘Slim’ body type came in last place with 29%.

Again, this is NOT a scientific study. This is just The Daily Mail getting their hands on some eye sensors and saying ‘what can we do with these?’ before devising a bush league experiment to get men to stare at women. With that said, it is interesting that the curvy girl would garner the most glances.

For more on these results, you can click here to head on over to The Dail Mail.

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