Police Are Looking For This Woman Pictured Having Sex With A Headless T-Rex At A Children’s Dinosaur Exhibit

Police are on the hunt for a woman who was photographed defiling a baby t-rex statue (missing a head) by performing sex acts on the tiny dinosaur. Though the photographs are now censored it appears as if the woman was attempting to ride the broken T-Rex head like some sort of sex toy, and to make matters worse all of this went down at a dinosaur exhibit built for children, the Exmouth Dino Trail.

To be perfectly honest this seems like one of those innocent pranks that got way out of control after the explicit photos hit social media. It’s now avalanched into a total fiasco with police searching for the woman that placed her nappy dugout on the dinosaur’s head, via Metro UK:

It’s one of those crimes which is going to be very difficult to explain to future employers – after a woman was pictured having sex with a dinosaur.
The picture of the sexual act – on a headless, baby T-Rex, just to make things worse – circulated on social media after the grim event on the Exmouth Dino Trail.
One parent said, ‘I worry as children play with these dinosaurs, I was disgusted. I feel sick to think that children are anywhere near that.’
‘Whilst we have had some deliberate damage to the dinosaurs in past weeks, this episode brings things to an all time low as far as these important and very popular assets to our town are concerned.’

You’re damn right that would be a tough one to explain to future employers. Try sitting in a job interview and telling the person across the table that you’re that person who went viral for having sex with a dinosaur and see how that works out for you.

As I said above, I think this was mostly a harmless prank that’s been blown up on social media, but I also haven’t seen the explicit photos myself yet, only the censored ones. So I have no way of knowing just how badly that chick was defiling the dinosaur. If that T-Rex was fully submerged then I think we’ve got a crime on our hands here, but if it was just in the vicinity of her virginity then the police need to just let this one go.

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