Woman Finds Out Her Hotel Manager Fiancé Was Cheating On Her Through TripAdvisor.com Reviews

Guys, it may be hard to believe, but a long distance love affair between a woman and a much younger hotel worker she met on vacation ended poorly.

A 41-year-old care taker named Melanie Sheard met Pablo on a vacation to Turkey she took with a friend. Pablo was the hotel manager at the resort they were staying at.

The two developed a strong bond over Melanie’s 10-day vacation, so much so that Pablo stayed in her bed all ten nights.

According to The Sun, after Melanie returned home, she and Pablo talked daily and two months later, she flew back to Turkey to spend another ten days with her new love. Over the next 16 months she visited her lover four or five times and when he proposed in September 2015, she said yes.

While Melanie was making preparations for her wedding day, she noticed that Pablo had been friending various women on social media. She became suspicious, and when confronted, Pablo said that they were “just guests” at the hotel.

That excuse did not suffice, and Melanie embarked on a DEEP CREEP, stumbling across an unlikely source to discover infidelity: TripAdvisor.com. Melanie typed in the name of the hotel where her 32-year-old beau worked as the manager.

She immediately found several reviews from female guests, all claiming her fiancé had charmed them too.

“I found comments from girls saying they had an amazing holiday — all thanks to their fling with the manager.

“There were reviews from people warning others not to stay there as the manager was sleeping with loads of the guests. I felt sick.”

She tracked down the women on Facebook, only to be told they had all dated him recently. One still was.

Melanie claims that her man of three years was simply a con man.

“He just wanted me for my money — he didn’t even give me the cash back for the engagement ring I bought him.”

The Sun reached out to Pablo for comment and he fought for his innocence.

“We were together for three years and English women throw themselves at me all the time at the resort, but I never cheated on Melanie.

“If she knew all these rumours about me cheating on her, why did she stay with me?

“The women who said I was all over them on TripAdvisor said that because I wouldn’t give them free drinks.

“The girls who Melanie contacted on Facebook are liars.”

Ya ya it sucks to be cheated on but goddamnit Melanie, you fell in love with a man a decade younger than you who lived halfway across the world. You made your bed sweetie. Pablo just fucked in it.

[h/t The Sun]

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