Woman Divorces Her Husband Over the Ultimate Irreconcilable Difference: His Infant-Sized Penis

According to the Daily Chill:

A 52-year-old Taiwanese woman has been granted a divorce to end her four year marriage with a civil servant, whom she claimed to have a tiny Willy.

The woman, also a civil servant surnamed Zhang, said the 55-year-old—known only as Zhou—has also failed to keep his promise to have sex with her three times a week. “His penis is so small, like a kid's, only 5cm long. We've never had sex in our entire marriage,” she added.

Zhang said she only found out about her husband's problems on their wedding night. “He's also impotent and unable to fulfill his responsibility as a husband. We quarreled the whole night and I asked him to seek treatment.”

The couple separated the day after their marriage, but they spent 10-odd nights together to see if the husband's condition had improved. Unfortunately, it hadn't.

Her reaction and everything makes sense up until that final sentence about them spending “10-odd nights together to see if the husband's condition had improved.” Am I missing something? How the fuck would his “condition” have improved? Through the power of prayer? 

[H/T Gawker]

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