Person Gets Free Pizza For A Year After Receiving Box Full Of Cash Instead Of Domino’s Breadsticks

Imagine for a moment that you’ve just cleared that 3ft bong and all you can think about in the world are those glorious cheesy breadsticks from Domino’s. So you place an order and when the box arrives you flip it open to find that there’s $5,000 STRAIGHT CASH sitting inside of your breadsticks box. That’s almost exactly what happened to a California resident recently, without the bong stuff, after Selena Avalos of San Jose found a huge wad of cash in her box. After calling it in and telling Domino’s what was up she’s now looking at free pizza for a year. reports:

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — A woman ordered chicken wings from a local Domino’s store and got a lunch order she’ll never forget. On Tuesday afternoon, Spacetel Wireless manager Selena Avalos ordered some chicken wings from her local Domino’s pizza restaurant.
She opened the box thinking that her order was mistakenly swapped for breadsticks, but instead she saw thousands of dollars in cash.
She immediately called the downtown Domino’s store where she had placed her order in hopes of getting in touch with a manager. Nobody had called her back.
Avalos was confused. “Wouldn’t they be thinking, ‘Where did that money go?'” she asked.

She then got in touch with ABC7 News who later got in touch with Domino’s corporate and she’s now getting free pizza for a year. I’m still a little sketched out though. I’m thinking that money wasn’t intended to go to the bank at all and that one industrious delivery driver probably has a second job while delivering pizzas if you’re getting my drift.

Something interesting here is that a recent study found pizza to be more motivating than money, but that study only tested small amounts of cash. So there might be something else going on…

A pizza guy who also delivers drugs in his spare time is the perfect cover, and if hs massive wad of cash went missing he probably wouldn’t be running to his bosses to tell them he’d lost $5k on the job. If, like the story purports, it was money intended to go to the bank the possibilities are 1) the driver panicked and was afraid to tell her/his boss what had happened or 2) See Option 1.

What do you bros think was going down here?