This Asshole Killed A Swan By Taking A Selfie With It, But On The Bright Side She Got 11+ Insta Likes!!

Look, I understand the importance of posting a fire picture on social media. It’s the best way show an ex who won’t return your texts that you are making on just fine without her. HEAR THAT, PAIGE? It must be hard to hear over all the likes my last Insta got. WOO!!

Quick story: My friend’s millennial sister was at my apartment the other night berating me for not liking her birthday Instagram and I proposed Venmo-ing her $5 instead of dishing out a like. She disrespectfully declined and tried explaining why the difference between 25 and 26 likes is more important to her than money in her pocket. I kindly asked her to leave and I don’t expect her to be coming around for a while.

This demon who ended up killing a swan for a dogshit photo is cut from the same cloth. This lady reportedly dragged a swan by its wing from a lake in Macedonia to take a photo with it and then left it on shore to die. The swan ‘remained motionless after the encounter’, according to Macedonia Online.

The silver lining is that the swan died for a good cause. 14 Instagram likes. What a goddamn martyr.

[h/t Macedonia Online, Metro]

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