This Woman Showed Up To The Scene Of Her Husband’s DWI While Hammered, Did Not Give A Single Crap When Arrested

Over the past year of working here at BroBible I’ve said a lot of people are the kings and queens of not giving any fucks. I’ve said it about college kids who show up to class drunk and I’ve said it about Miley Cyrus during her descent into whatever Tumblr-ified hippie dippie nut she’s become today, but…


All these people pale in comparison to Cherity Roybal-Vigl, wife to 47-year-old James Quintana, both of whom were arrested for driving under the influence. Unlike her husband, however, Roybal-Vigil was only arrested after she showed up to the scene of her husband’s DWI to (I’m assuming) pick him up. Oh, and she failed every single sobriety test to the point where even the officer was like “You don’t seem to be taking this test very serious.”

As the second deputy arrived, he was told someone from QBs called Quintana’s wife. As investigators talked to Quintana, they said 41-year-old Cherity Roybal-Vigil drove up to the scene in an orange car.

The deputy said he immediately smelled alcohol on Roybal-Vigil.

“It kind of questions judgement right? When you have someone who’s showing up at a scene with police officers – drunk,” said Juan Rios, spokesman for the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

“How much alcohol have you had today?” The deputy asked Roybal-Vigil. “I’ve had two glasses of wine and my mother’s on her way here,” she answered.(via)

Why your mother is necessary at the scene of your husband’s DWI is unknown to me, although this would make for an even better story if she showed up blitzed too. That didn’t happen, but the spectacular way in which Roybal-Vigil failed her sobriety tests makes up for that missed opportunity.

Now both in trouble, one of the deputies gave Roybal-Vigil field sobriety tests.

“I have to work from 5 o’clock in the morning to f**** 3 in the afternoon, so…” she told the deputy, while performing a test.
“You don’t seem to be taking this test very serious,” the deputy responded.

As the tests continued, another deputy helped the woman’s young son out of her car.

“Driving impaired is reckless, and when you have another person in the car, it only exacerbates the situation,” Rios told KRQE News 13.

In one of the tests, the woman was instructed to count backwards from 63 to 41. “Fifty-three, 52, 51, 50, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50,” she counted. “Forty, 41, 42 and 43. Was that correct?”

Investigators said she failed multiple sobriety tests.

Finally, the deputy asked Roybal-Vigil to perform a breath test.(via)

Surprise surprise, she blew a .15, twice over the legal limit. You may think the story ends here, since, y’know, they’re both obviously getting arrested at this point, except when the police slapped some cuffs on her and removed her son from the car:

As Roybal-Vigil was arrested for DWI, she waved to her son. “I love you mom,” he told her. “Love you too dude,” she answered.(via)

“Brb dude, getting arrested. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and don’t eat too much ice cream while we’re in jail LOL.”

Roybal-Vigil was released from jail on Friday, however her husband is still in jail since he was charged with his SIXTH DWI. That’s right, count’em 1 2 3 4 5 SIX, making it a felony.