This Story About A Woman Trapped In A Elevator Will Make You Think Twice About Ever Riding In One Alone Again

I’ve already got an irrational fear of elevators but this story out of China means I’m taking the stairs forever and ever, amen.

Elevator maintenance men returning to work after a month-long break for Chinese New Year made a horrific discovery last week when they opened the cab of a broken lift and found the body of a woman who had been trapped inside since late January and starved to death.

The gruesome incident in the western city of Xi’an, renowned as the home of China’s Terra Cotta Warriors, has sparked outrage over the apparent negligence of the elevator repair company and the building’s management office.

And it gets worse. Yes, worse. Worse than a woman starving and dying alone in an elevator.

The property managers told the Beijing Youth Daily that the elevator cab “was returned to the first floor and taken out of service after workers had ‘confirmed’ that no one was inside but police investigators said workers simply shouted to check whether anyone was inside and did not open the cab to perform a visual inspection.”

You stupid, lazy, son of a bitches.

The case is now classified as a negligent homicide.

[via LA Times]

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