A Woman Wore Her Fitbit While Having Sex And Shared The Results, Leading To Many Classy Comments

Redditor noveltysin decided to see what her heart rate would look like during sex so she wore her Fitbit and posted the results, complete with a nice descriptive graph to Reddit.

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While the graph itself is actually pretty interesting, as you can see, it was the always classy comments from fellow Redditors that really provided the true entertainment.

Here’s a small sampling…

This is like abstract pornography.

Someone out there is jerking to this graph.

This might be the most shameful chubby I’ve ever had.

I put a Fitbit on my inflatable lover. She flatlined throughout our lovemaking and stared at me with cold, lifeless eyes. I feel so dead inside.

I now want to buy a fit bit so I can track my heart rates are during sex. This would be a great marketing tool for them. (to which someone responded: I don’t think it measures wrist movements.)

Looks like she rode him for 30 seconds, caught her breath, rode another 20 seconds and climbed off.

He brought her to orgasm in 6 minutes and everybody is hating. They jelly.

I’m still jealous. I don’t think I can even masturbate to orgasm in six minutes

Life ain’t no porno where people have time for hours of fucking. Also, chafing.

I know ridiculous. It takes me 8 minutes just to brush off the dirt and get the spiders out of her hair.

8 minutes what is this guy some sort of machine for sex?

And it goes on and on. You keep being you, Reddit.

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