New Study Claims Bros More Likely To Help A Woman If She’s Wearing These

Oh man, do I have an issue with this “study” conducted in France. So many issues I’m not sure where the hell to begin. I guess first, I mean, France but then my next issue is the people involved with the Archives of Sexual Behavior putting this out with the word “study” attached.

Alright, let me back up, and give the answer to that teaser headline — according to these researchers men are more likely to help a woman wearing high heels, as apposed to flat shoes or sneakers. The “study” also concluded that the higher the heel, the more likely a man was to provide assistance.

So here is who they asked — “90 male participants between the ages of 25 and 50 who had been randomly selected on the street in Brittany, France.” Just ninety. Ninety French dudes = every man in the world. Bullshit baked into a croissant.

The study, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, was made up of four distinct experiments, each of which featured women in flat shoes, medium heeled shoes (2 inches) and high-heeled shoes (3.5 inches). Other than their heel height, the shoes were basically the same – black, professional and in fashion.

This assistance ranges from taking part in a survey, to chasing after a woman who has dropped a glove.

When the women doing the survey were in flats, just 25 of the 60 men took part. But when the heels rose to almost four inches, the number of male volunteers rose to 49 out of 60

This entire study is supposing that when a woman is in trouble, the first thing men notice are her choice of footwear. That’s ridiculous! Any man will tell you the first thing we look at is her face, then her body, then if she’s wearing a wedding ring. Unless her feet are caught in a bear trap, we won’t even notice if she’s got feet.

My final issue is this little bar trivia — “In the final experiment, Guéguen found that men in a bar were quicker to start chatting with a woman wearing heels than when she was wearing flat shoes.”

It’s hard to look hot in flats. Flats do exactly that — flatten out even the nicest set of pins. Women in flat shoes look like they’re mom fucked Donald Duck. A woman in flats at a bar is sending the message “I’ve half given up, let’s just drink until one of you assholes looks good.”

Let me know when this study is conducted 1) in America 2) with more than 90 people and 3) women trapped in bear traps.

H/T Daily Offbeat