Women On Instagram Are Sharing ‘Before And After’ Weight Loss Pics… Taken Just 30 Seconds Apart

You know all those before and after pictures you see on TV and in ads splashed across the Internet? Hell, they’re everywhere. Especially on Instagram, a place where you probably shouldn’t spend much time if you’re looking for things based in reality.

Well, some ladies on Instagram have figured out that all it takes to make those impressive “progress” photos is basically holding your breath and flexing a little.

Using the hashtag #30secondbeforeandafter these women show what a huge difference basically just sucking it in does for one’s physical appearance in the half-a-second it takes to snap a photo.

So the next time you see one of those photos and start to feel bad about yourself, take the whole thing with a grain of salt. Preferably on a few deliciously wonderful french fries.

Check out a few of the best examples I found…

As you can see, results may vary, and they’re all fake.

Hell, even guys can do it too.

God love social media.

H/T 22 Words