Girls Who Are BFFs Look At Each Other Naked For The First Time (Video)

Man… What a concept for video. I wonder who had the job of going around L.A. asking people if they’d be cool with seeing their best friend naked, then filming their reaction? That’s the type of shit I think about when I watch tonight like this… It was someone’s job for real money to ask people if they’d be down to see their best friend naked. I wonder how many “hell no, I just ate a pint of Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream last night and I’m feeling bloated” answers they got?

Since it’s Buzzfeed, you totally *know* that next week there will be a video of dude best friends seeing each other’s penises for the first time. It will LITERALLY be a proverbial dick measuring contest. Which means that it’s someone’s job this week to go around to a bunch of dudes and see if they’re cool helicoptering their dick in front of their best friend.

What an amazing time to be alive.

Shout out to the one girl who shaved because she was planning on have sex tonight. We dudes can all appreciate those grooming standards.

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