Women Responds To News That Her Man’s Cheating By Trying To ‘Big Love’ His Chick On The Side

Is there a creepier way to react to news that your husband is cheating on you than by trying to smother the 3rd party with love?

The woman in this video (purportedly) found out her husband was laying with some chick on the side, and instead of leaving him like a normal person she then began to stalk (though she claims otherwise) the chick on the side, and smother her with love and kindness.

But not just love and kindness, the really creepy kind where she’s all ‘let me see your kids because I love them’ which is enough to send up all the red flags that were ever made. Just watch and be glad that you’re not the man in the middle here, or be stoked for him that he can basically do whatever the hell he wants without any repercussions:



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