Women Shared The Things They Think Make A Man Creepy So Read This And Don’t Be ‘That Guy’

women shared what makes man creepy


Today’s edition of “Ask Reddit” is a quite useful one for all the bros out there. Making a good impression on a women is obviously key if you want to, you know, have a relationship with her, but since we as men have no idea what they’re thinking it can be difficult.

And the last thing we want is to to do something that a woman thinks is “creepy” because that kind of data just spreads throughout all of her friends and no one ever wants that. That’s pretty much grounds for having to move to a new city.

So thanks to Redditor Surfincloud9 who asked the question, “Women of reddit, what makes a man creepy?” we now know some of the pitfalls we need to avoid.

Here were some of the best responses to help you not be “that guy.”

When I make it clear I’m not interested and he keeps trying. It makes me feel uncomfortable and it puts me in a bad position cause there are only so many times you can politely turn someone down. ~ Sexyoldmann

This, more than anything. I have had the “attempts-at-polite-rejection” turn scary (thankfully, the worst it ever got was being slammed into a wall) enough times that as soon as someone doesn’t take “no” for an answer once, I start internally freaking out. ~ pamplemouss

Ugh. I went to a bar with some friends (most were single), and a guy came up and started hitting on me, so I promptly let him know I was married. The rest of my friends wanted to hang out with him and his friend, and they tagged along for bar hopping. Even though I didn’t talk to them much more, the night ended with me getting cursed out for not wanting to do anything more with him.

I’m sorry for leading you on by not talking to you… ~ meeeehhhhhhh

The guys who get angry about it are the worst. A friend of a friend kept asking me out and trying to buy gifts and I kept saying no (and declined the gifts), partly because I was interested in another guy and that was progressing to a potential relationship. I didn’t want to string this guy along, and also I wasn’t even interested in him that way. He was good looking and seemed friendly, but we had literally nothing in common.

My friend tried to let him down gently when the guy kept asking about me, and then eventually I told him the situation with the other guy – who I happened to have known a lot longer and had a heap more in common with.

Rather than appreciate that I wasn’t wanting to string him along, he instead decided I was a bitch and sent all these texts saying how shitty I was. My friend is a bro and stopped talking to him from that point so I didn’t have to deal with him again. ~ a_jill_sandwich

Immediately talking about sexual topics in response to everything you say, every single time you are within communicating distance of each other while you two barely know each other to drop a “hint.” ~ iwishforstrength

Unauthorised touching.

Edit: Anyone touching someone who doesn’t want to be touched is creepy, regardless of gender. Stop acting so butthurt and keep your hands to yourself. ~ a_jill_sandwich

Telling me to smile. Don’t tell me to smile. I don’t know you. ~ occasionalcreep

Getting in my personal space when I don’t know/barely know you. It’s weird and uncomfortable, and if you’re bigger than me then it can feel quite intimidating.

And not necessarily creepy, but if you have to put down another girl to compliment me then I probably think you’re a bit shit. ~ barbraoriley

Going on and on about how much they love satisfying women and how it’s the most important part of sex for them. No shit. Doing your best to satisfy your partner should be a given in a sexual relationship, not something to brag about. If you feel the need to point it out all the time, then that says something about how unusual you think it is and how you think you’re a special kind of guy for basic courtesy.

It has a weird aspect of dominance to it – it’s not about making the girl happy, it’s about taking control of her sexuality and stroking your own ego. ~ akortank

Showing up at my place at weird hours without being invited. No, I will not let you into my house at 1am. ~ kronkspinachpuffs

Constantly popping up in random places and having a super eager smile when they’re staring at you O_O. ~ MennoNinja

Adding him on FB after one date and then waking up the next morning to him liking every single thing you’ve posted between 2015 and 2014… ~ HoneyLemonGingerTea

Loud mouth-breathing. Forgivable during the cold season, unacceptable every time he comes over to talk. ~ me_vicky

Being clingy. If you send more than a few texts that go unanswered don’t keep texting. That clearly means the girl does not want to talk to you. I mean it’s 2016 everyone has a phone on them at all times. A clingy guy just comes across and crazy and desperate. ~ realtime2lose

Sending unsolicited dick pics. ~ _____1_____2_____3

Should probably go without saying, but I threw it in here, because, well, people.

Check out the rest of the responses (and be sure to take more notes) over at Reddit.

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