According To A Survey Of 1000 Women, Here’s What They Think The Sexiest Parts Of A Man Are



So that survey I shared with you yesterday of what 1,200 said were the sex positions that they hate the most, while informative, also created a bit of a conundrum and confusion.

Hopefully, today’s survey of 1,000 women on what parts of a man they find the sexiest will yield more fruitful results.

I know what you’re thinking. They said penis, right? Welp, sorry to break it to you, but not one of the 1,000 women gave that as their answer.

As a matter of fact, almost every other part of a man was mentioned, but the penis. Go figure, huh?

For the entire scoop, just check out the video below. Hope it helps.

Woman winking image by Shutterstock

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