Apparently There Is Some Kind Of Problem With Women Going Topless In Canada

So I ran across this story of three sisters who were pulled over by police in Canada while talking a nice leisurely late night bike ride without their tops on. Naturally, I felt that something like this needed further investigation.

Alysha Mohamed, a singer better known by her stage name Alysha Brilla, (that’s what the report by CTV says) and her two sisters, Tameera and Nadia were pulled over around 9pm the other night by police in Kitchener-Waterloo and told to put their shirts on.

This was a problem for the ladies, because women have been legally allowed to be topless in public in Ontario since 1991.

Then as I was about done reading about this I caught another link out of the corner of my eye and wouldn’t you know it, there was ANOTHER story of police harassing a woman in Canada for being topless.

This time a woman from British Columbia named Susan Rowbottom was sunbathing topless on a beach in Kelowna when a cop came up to her and told HER to put her top on. The reason? The police officer said it was against a city ordinance. Turns out that was untrue as when she called a city clerk she was told that it was “perfectly legal” and has been since 2000.

So, what’s up Canada? Can’t these ladies go topless in peace? Stop with the harassing already.

To protest all this topless tomfoolery by police Alysha Brilla and her sisters have organized a pro-topless rally in Waterloo, Ontario this upcoming weekend.

Road trip, anyone?