78-Year-Old Bro Found With WWII Tank, Anti-Aircraft Gun In His Basement And How Big Is His Basement?!?


This old man in Germany had a basement big enough to house a World War II tank and enough firepower to take out a small country. I’m lucky that I can fit a couple tubs of old clothes and a couple free weights in my basement.

Police in northern Germany have seized a World War Two tank which was being kept in a pensioner’s cellar.

The Panther tank was removed from the 78-year-old’s house in the town of Heikendorf, along with a variety of other military equipment, including a torpedo and an anti-aircraft gun, Der Tagesspiegel website reports.

And it’s not like they just rolls the son of a bitch out a couple side doors either. It took some man power to get the Panther out of the basement hiding place.

It wasn’t an easy job to get it all out – the army had to be called in with modern-day tanks to haul the Panther from its cellar. It took about 20 soldiers almost nine hours to extract the tank – which was without its tracks – and push it onto a low-loader, the report says. As the surreal scene unfolded, local residents gathered at the end of the driveway to watch.

So where did the old man get such a sweet ride? Apparently, he’s had it for decades, but no one really a gave a crap until recently. German media reported that residents would see the man driving the Panther around town about 30 years ago. “He was chugging around in it during the snow catastrophe in 1978,” Mayor Alexander Orth was quoted as saying. “I took this to be the eccentricity of an old man, but it looks like there’s more to it than that.” Local prosecutors were tipped off about the tank by colleagues in Berlin after they searched the old man’s home in search of stolen Nazi art earlier this year.

Even more impressive, check out the anti-aircraft gun authorities also seized while pillaging the old guy’s private stash.

[via BBC]

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