The World’s First Frozen Fruit Cider Will Launch Next Month, Just In Time For Summer

The concept originated as an April Fool’s Joke, but Swedish brewer Kopparberg, knew better than to promise basic betches frozen fruit ciders without delivering.



Jodie Alliss, Kopparberg’s brand manager said,

“We knew we had to listen to our fans given their incredible reaction to our April Fool.”

So Sweden’s largest brewing company is set to launch the world’s first frozen fruit cider that will be served in pouches and will become available in supermarkets on May 4th–just in time to get TURNT UP for Cinco de Mayo, bros and broettes.

The drink will have an alcohol level of 4%, and will be available in strawberry and lime, and elderflower and lime flavors.

Fellas, promises of frozen fruit cider is a bullet proof way to get girls over to your party. Throw on a little Beyoncé on the surround sound and provide guests with a selfie stick, the chicks may never leave.

[H/T LADbible]

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