These People Have The WORST Breakup Stories I’ve Ever Heard And I Dare You To Come Up With A Worse Story


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There’s nothing quite like having your heart shattered and then immediately hearing how someone else had their heart broken 100x worse than you. Oh, she dumped you the day before Valentine’s Day? That’s okay, because I got dumped at my parents’ funeral. You got dumped during finals week? So sad don’t care because I had my boyfriend squirt lube all over my apartment and then he left a note that said “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” Like, dude. You could’ve done that without the lube.

All of those are hypothetical and definitely never happened to me because I’m perfect, obviously. But these people? They’ve had it much worse.

And if you think that these people are all just being sissies, feel free to share your best breakup story with us in the comments and prove them wrong.