Are These Grown Ass Babies The Worst Neighbors Ever? Because I Think They’re The Worst Neighbors Ever

I’m torn between believing that these grown ass people are either master trolls or the worst neighbors in history. When I first came across this video titled ‘Crazy Irate Neighbors’ it was in the context of someone saying ‘these people argue like children’. At the time I assumed that meant that they’d be arguing with each other, not that this couple would turn out to be the worst duo in the history of YouTube. They’re so awful that if I moved in a neighborhood and found out these jabronis were my neighbors I’d just cut my losses and move elsewhere, truly.

And while that last part sounds like a passing statement I need you to understand something: there’s truly nothing more I hate in life than moving. If I could stay planted in one house for the rest of my life I would, even if that house was infested with bedbugs. I hate moving more than the thought of bedbugs. This couple is worse than bedbugs.

But there is a part of me that thinks they’re trolling, the part that heard that man say ‘stupid says what?’ and that woman immediately respond ‘what?’. That’s some next level trolling, if that’s what they’re up to.