This Is Possibly The WORST Excuse Ever Given To A Cop As To Why This Couple Was Having Sex In Public


If you got caught doin’ the dirty in public, what would your excuse be? Let’s brainstorm:

1. “Yep, that is NOT where I left my car keys”
2. “Thank God you’re here officer, my pants accidentally dropped and I stumbled and fell into this woman and I think she might be injured”
3. Jizz-in-my-pants

While every single one of those is almost guaranteed to get you arrested for public indecency, they’re still better than what this winning couple came up with:

A couple arrested for having sex on a Florida street have insisted it was because they had ‘nowhere else to go’.
James Adams was spotted by a passerby who saw him naked in front of an also naked Charm Gilbert, who was lying on an electrical box on a street in Lady Lake, Lady Lake County.

Adams told the deputy he was having sexual intercourse with Gilbert, 40, at the time due to them not having any other place to go, according to the arrest report.

Via Daily Mail

Are you curious as to where they were boning? Was it someplace with absolutely no bushes or tree coverage? Nope, it was here:

Look at all the bushes!  Be adventurous and climb a tree and bone in it. Or bury yourself in a patch of flowers, because almost every bone-able spot in that picture is more comfortable than an electrical box.

[H/T and images via Daily Mail]

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