Poor Guy Who Had The Worst Roommates Posts Hilarious Craigslist Ad To Find A Good One

Roommates. Just thinking about allowing some stranger with who knows what communicable diseases and weird masturbating habits into my living space makes me shutter. But imaging to pay an exorbitant New York City rent with one income might even be a more frightening prospect. But what this unfortunate fella has had to deal with is downright disturbing.

This 28-year-old gentleman in Brooklyn is currently looking for a new roommate, but is extremely skeptical considering that he has had some of the worst luck with previous roommates that have been absolute nightmares.

Sounds like your typical run-of-the-mill Craigslist ad. But then all of the atrocious, sometimes nauseating, memories of rotten roommates of his past flood his mind and he reveals them in all of their revolting glory.


Pregnant snakes slithering around, meth labs in the kitchen, banging old prostitutes in the bedroom, no wonder this guy is so petrified at finding a new roommate, he’s had the worst roommates! I don’t think this gentleman is asking too much in a roommate.

Wait. You can’t wash your Fleshlight in the dishwasher? This dude is an unreasonable tyrant. Fuck him.