These Stories About The Worst Thing People’s Exes Did After Their Breakup Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever



Honestly, I’m a lucky gal. I haven’t had an ex do anything severely fucked up after we parted ways, but even if they had I probably wouldn’t have cared. I think one guy fucked one of my then-best friends, but at that point we didn’t even talk anymore and I thought he was a raging idiot so I just kinda laughed and said “Ew.”

Not everyone is that lucky though. Some people have had exes screw them over financially, steal personal belongings and just generally fuck their lives up for the sake of “getting even.” Are some of these stories childish? Yes. But are they funny and good fodder for the next time you need to royally dick over an ex?

Of course.

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That one’s my favorite. Mild inconveniences are the worst.

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Do you know what a pain in the ass it is to fill out all those forms with the same information over and over? Sure that guy is pissed, but you gotta admire her determination.

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Fuck cats, that woman is literally Satan.



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