The WSJ Wants You To Know If You Make $400K/Year And You’re Broke, You’re Not Alone



Are you living in the 1% yet you feel broke? The Wall Street Journal wants you to know it’s okay, and you’re not alone. They put together this video showing how someone who makes $400,000/year can feel extremely strapped for cash, and is totally like the rest of us, totally…

What I really take away from this is just how much the Wall Street Journal is in touch with us everyday workers, ya know? Busting our humps all day behind a computer screen only to feel broke when it’s all said and done. Like, so what if I’ve got TWO mink skin cock warmers, or THREE belts made from endangered black rhino hide, I still feel broke don’t I?

Thank you WSJ for showing me I’m not alone in the world, that just because I make more money than anyone reading this that I shouldn’t feel bad when I can’t take my own private jet to our house in Aspen for the weekend, because I feel strapped for cash. /s


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