Neighbors Shocked As Hell To Find This 200-Pound Gator Was Kept As A Pet In Chicago Suburb For 26 Years

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Police in the Village of Lansing, a tiny suburb outside of Chicago, were called in to investigate a home after a repairman reported seeing a 6-foot-long, 200-pound alligator in the basement. Chicago, as you bros know, is cold as shit. Alligators, as you bros know, are animals that thrive in the swamps of Florida and are a cold-blooded animal that requires warm weather. Suffice it to say the repairman was totally baffled by the sight of a massive alligator inside a suburban Chicago home…and rightfully so. You should NOT be keeping a big ass alligator (like the one below) hidden in your suburban Chicago
basement for 26 YEARS.

The Telegraph reports:

A repairman got a shock when he spotted an alligator being kept as a pet in the basement of a suburban Illinois home.
The 200-pound reptile was kept in a cage and had lived in the home for the past 26 years without the owner’s neighbours knowing.
An appliance repairman spotted the six-foot long animal moving inside a covered container after being called out to the property in the village of Lansing.
He lifted the container cover and took photos of the alligator before reporting it to the Lansing Police Department, according to the Chicago Tribune.
His owner Charles Price “put it out periodically in his back yard”, according to Sergeant Bill Shannon from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ conservation police.
“It was every bit of 200 pounds,” he explained. “No one knew he had it, no one had ever seen it.”
Lansing police chief Dennis Murrin Jr. added that he “had never seen anything like it” in his 25 years working for the department.

Even if you lived in South Florida you would be completely shocked to discover that your next door neighbor had been keeping a 6-foot-long, 200-pound alligator as a pet in his basement. That’s just not normal behavior, and it’s obviously wildly illegal.

Kind of makes you wonder what in the hell your neighbors are hiding, doesn’t it? (Telegraph via Chicago Tribune)

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