Yeti Coolers Are Freakin’ Expensive, So This Alabama Couple Just Started Stealing Them

Over the last two years, Yeti coolers have become a necessary item in every sportsman’s arsenal. I love my Yeti Tundra and have about 10 friends who have similar ones. But they most certainly are a lifestyle item — Nothing says “I have money to waste on ridiculous cooler technology to keep my beer cold on a boat” like owning a Yeti. Like Chubbies, Sperry Gold Cups, and white hats with a college name on it, Yeti coolers have become a staple of Bro culture.

One couple in Panama City Beach wanted a Yeti so bad that they resorted to a life of crime. This couple started jacking Yeti coolers out of the back of trucks parked at PCB’s Pier Park. I assume the end game was to sell them for meth money? Or maybe they just wanted to snap some Insta shots of the Yeti on their Basstracker — something every person who owns a Yeti inevitably does.



The couple was arrested and charged with burglary. But the lesson for all Bros remains: If you spend $300+ on a goddamn cooler, lock the damn thing up inside your truck before Bro-ing out at the beach. Your Yeti makes you a target to the poor people that want to knock you down a few notches in life.


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