You Can’t Unsee This Pic Of A Teenage Girl’s Foot After Stepping On An iPhone Charger


I have no shame in admitting I’m a messy person. Just look at this giant heap of shit piled next to my desk in the BroBible office. That case of Bud Light has been there for over seven months. I think the Crystal Pepsi at least a year. Behind that is a pile of books and other b.s. Like all the great writers of the 20th century, I thrive in my own clutter and filth.


Clean floors, however, are imperative. Otherwise you end up with a situation like this teenage girl ran into. Her room is so messy — particularly the floors — that she stepped on an iPhone charger and it dug straight into her foot.

This caused some very appropriate Internet freak out:

Moral of the story: Keep your damn floors clean. Or pay someone on Handy to do it for you.

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