This Young Couple Gets Their Rocks Off By Stealing $10,000 Baby Dinosaurs From Museums

by 4 years ago

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Anyone who’s ever been in a committed relationship knows that things can get stale after a little while. How do you keep things fresh? Some couples role play during love making, others take exotic trips to shake up the monotony, and still others steal $10,000 Edmontosaurus hatchling replicas from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh.

Of those three things, only one of them is illegal and will cause the North Carolina State Police to start a manhunt for you. Hint: It’s not the role playing.

The twenty-something couple was seen in security footage hopping a barrier, snatching the expensive dino replica, and shoving it in the girl’s purse, before hightailing it out of there. The couple is catching a lot of heat for “committing grand theft,” but ya know, I think it’s actually nice to see that some millenials are still interested in natural science. It’s so tough to get kids in museums these days; it’s all Vine and Candy Crush and butt chugging. To see a young couple take an interest in natural science to the point that they want to bring it home with them… it makes me hopeful for our country’s future.

Oh, and this isn’t their first offense – There’s also security footage of the couple stealing $1,000 worth of booty from the North Carolina Museum of History. I kinda blame security at the museums for not being on to this duo. As soon as a twenty-something couple willingly walks into a museum, red flags should go up, and it should be assumed that they’re up to no good.

[H/T Gawker]


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