Not Shocking News — Most Of The Country Doesn’t Want To See George Zimmerman Fight DMX


Last week, TMZ reported that a celebrity boxing match was on between non-convicted killer George Zimmerman and pissing enthusiast DMX. Zimmerman wants the match. DMX wants the match to “beat the living fuck out of Zimmerman” and “piss all over his face.” The promoters want the match.

The rest of the country isn’t so enthused.

A recent poll over at Philly Mag shows that 95% of the audience thought the fight should be cancelled. When Philadelphia residents want a fight broken up, you know it’s bad news.

“Meanwhile, opposition to the fight continues to grow elsewhere. The petition to cancel the fight is closing in on 80,000 signatures. The White House petition is nearing 25,000 signatures. And the “Cancel George Zimmerman’s ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match” Facebook page is up to over 265,000 “likes.” Not bad for a page created on Wednesday.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Zimmerman get his face smashed in, but I’m against the fight. The first problem is that Zimmerman is profiting off the fact he killed a child. These celebrity boxing matches usually take one washed-up celeb and let him or her punch another washed-up celeb for one final moment in the spotlight and a decent pay day. DMX is a washed up rapper with legal problems. Zimmerman is a murderer. People can claim self defense, stand your ground, vendetta or just another lunatic with a firearm is all boils down to one indisputable fact — George Zimmerman shot a kid dead. Now he’s attempting to make money off that fact. In fact, nothing Zimmerman’s done since his acquittal — not celeb boxing, playing good Samaritan or selling artwork — feels like he’s sorry at all.

Zimmerman’s beating shouldn’t come in a boxing ring.  Wounds heel. Even if DMX beats him within an inch of his life, Zimmerman will heal, and walk away with money. Money made thanks to fame attained by murdering another human. Zimmerman’s real pain should come in life. Zimmerman should live every day with regret, unable to move among the rest of us and live in peace, and show at least an ounce of remorse over the fact he ended a young life.

The fight will go on. People will watch. Zimmerman will walk away with his cut of the profits. I guess we can only hope it’s enough money to make him disappear forever.

[via Philly Mag]

If you want to help bring a stop to the fight, check out the petition, The White House petition or the official “Cancel George Zimmerman’s ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match” Facebook page.

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