Would We Fall For A Cult? On Oops The Podcast

If you’re not watching the NXIVM doc on HBO, The Vow, you’re missing out. We talk about how easily we would be convinced to join a cult, how early we might spot the warning signs, whether we’d have the courage to get out of it, and more. Plus, Giulio recounts his trip to Alaska and Francis tries to distinguish the differences between empathy and sympathy.

We’re back in studio full-time going forward. Thanks for weathering the storm of Zoom episodes with us. So happy to bring you our highest quality episodes again.


You fucked up, now what? Oops examines the mistakes that change the trajectory of people’s lives: the bad decisions, the aftermath, the path to redemption and all things in between. Whether in the public eye or in your bedroom with someone other than your spouse, fucking up can have major consequences.

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