Makenna Myler Ran A 5:25 Mile While 9 Months Pregnant And Her Husband Still Owes Her The $100 After Winning The Bet

Makenna Myler Pregnant Mile-1

Instragram / @mike.myler

In this episode of “We Run This,” we talk to Mike and Makenna Myler, the couple who went viral after Mike bet his 9-month pregnant wife she couldn’t run an 8-minute mile.

He bet her $100.

Makenna ran the mile in 5:25, just seven days before her baby was due.

The Mylers are both athletes who competed at Brigham Young University – Mike did gymnastics and Mackenna ran track – and joined the show to discuss how the idea for the bet started, how the couple met, MacKenna’s training while pregnant, the personal distraction that happened during race day, and their new role as parents.


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