Husband Bets 9-Months Pregnant Wife She Can’t Run An 8-Minute Mile – She Absolutely Crushes That Time

Pregnant Mile Runner

Instagram / Mike Myler

A few months ago on our running podcast, We Run This, we covered some of the weirdest running records of all time.

Here’s the podcast episode, you should listen immediately.

If we ever do an updated episode, we’ll have to include Makenna Myler, a 28-year-old mom-to-be from California to our list.

Makenna ran a 5:25 mile last week, just seven days before her baby was due.

The insane feat went viral on TikTok, grabbing over three million views.

Her husband, Mike, posted the video to Instagram.

“That’s a big belly,” Mike jokes, as his wife books it around the track.

For those worried about Makenna running this fast just a few days before giving birth, she got the thumbs up from her doctor.

Makenna told Today, “Both doctors I’ve worked with have been more than happy, and even encouraging with my regimen.”

As the Inside Hook points out, Makenna isn’t just an ordinary runner.

Makenna has a pedigree, with a personal best of 4:43 in the mile. She ran for BYU in college, represented the U.S. at The Great Edinburgh International Cross-Country in Scotland, and currently runs with Irvine, California’s Valor Track Club. Still, to cross the line this fast, when this close to giving birth, is insanely impressive.

Mike and Makenna originally had a bet to see if she could go under 8:00 in a mile. The bet was $100.

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