Asking NASCAR Superstar Chase Elliott The Most Ridiculous, Yet Valid Questions About The Sport

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Like a lot of people that grew up in the Northeast, I never really got into NASCAR and wasn’t exposed to it in the way that say someone from the South may have been. Having said that, I have always had some questions in regards to the sport that I wanted to get out there. When I got the chance to sit down with NASCAR’s very own Chase Elliott, I jumped all over it. I finally had my chance to ask three ridiculous questions that I actually don’t think are that ridiculous.

Here are those ‘ridiculous questions.’

  1. How do you tell someone has the “IT” factor to be a good Nascar driver if you can’t get behind a wheel until you’re 17? Even when you do turn 17, what if you don’t have a spare race car in your garage and a racetrack to go practice on?
  2. 2. With how long these races go, are the drivers able to turn on the radio to keep the adrenaline flowing? If you got a full tank of gas, new tires and no need to talk to the pit crew will anybody hold it against you if you want to get a little FM radio going?
  3. Will there ever be a day in Nascar where somebody shows up to the track in a Tesla? In case you don’t know, these things got some superb gitty up to them and I wouldn’t put it by Elon Musk to want to see his face on the side of a Tesla race car.


I think it clearly took Elliott a little while to feel me out here and to be honest, I don’t blame the guy. The man is a class act with the responsibility of being one of the faces of an entire sport, and he’s got this jackass asking him about Teslas and FM radio at the race track.

I really enjoyed the time and appreciated being able to talk about something I know absolutely nothing about with a guy as well respected as Elliott. Safe to say by the end of it, we are able to consider him a confirmed friend of the pod.

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