Pat McAfee Shares The Story Of Being Seconds Away From Getting A Delay Of Game Before Kicking Off The 2010 Super Bowl

pat mcafee delay of game super bowl kickoff brilliantly dumb show

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Pat McAfee who in my mind is one of the most electric sports personalities out there, joined The Brilliantly Dumb Show for what I believe may be our best pod yet. There was a clip that really stood out to me when McAfee describes his emotions while kicking off Super Bowl 44 between the Colts and Saints.

When asked what he was most worried about when it came to the actual kick, McAfee’s answer was the most McAfee response you could possibly imagine.

“I almost got a delay of game, I got back, took my steps, and whatever and was like, holy shit I can not believe I am at this place right now,” McAfee said. “Then I take my steps back, and it was the first time I looked around and was like, this is the dumbest life of all time. And then I look up at the play clock and its at like 7, 6, and I’m like oh shit I can not get a delay of game here on the kickoff.”


This was my only opportunity, maybe ever, to ask a kicker that played in a Super Bowl if they can indeed see the hundreds of camera flashes during the opening kick. The short answer to that question is yes. The long and much more enjoyable answer

“You can see all the flashes and I’m thinking to myself, is my penis out right now? And then all you hope is you don’t whiff, and then I just got the ball off and after the tackle is made I though, well, it wasn’t the worst kickoff in Super Bowl history, lets just keep it moving.”

It was a small yet beautiful moment to what ended up being an incredible 50 minutes with McAfee on the show.