It’s Time We Show Some Love To All The Landscapers Out There

Man mowing the grass on a riding mower


For years now I have been in awe of landscapers and the way they go about their business. True, blue-collar guys that execute their game plan day in and day out, rain, shine, or snow. No matter what crew they work for, these landscapers always seem to be in sync and have chemistry together that is simply just off the charts.

Each member of the crew has their designated spot of the house whether it’s the front yard, back yard, or the bushes, and they attack their designated spots without any questions asked. As soon as you see these guys pull up in their oversized truck carrying more cargo and landscaping tools than you could imagine, you know your lawn is in for a damn good day. But there are a few things about our lawn care specialists that we don’t see or recognize that cant go unnoticed.

First off, these landscapers hear and see just about everything we are doing and saying. Think about it, if you spend 2-3 hours every couple days on the front lawn of each neighborhood’s house you are going to know damn well what’s going on in that household. Landscapers know who on the block is depressed, who’s getting divorced, who is living well, and much more. We simply don’t give these guys enough credit for the work they do and the things they know and see.

And when it comes time for lunch, nobody and I mean nobody does it better than landscapers. These guys gather in a small spot of whatever shade the lawn has to offer that day and eat like it is the last supper. Their lunch coolers are always immaculate and filled with different layers of food for that day’s meal. I’ve always been fascinated by how much fun these guys always seem to be having. I guess when you earn your lunch the way they do, you appreciate it that much more.

I have always wanted to be in that circle and just smash a turkey sandwich while I chop it up with the boys. It always looks like such an enjoyable, soothing time, and then they are right back to the grind just moments later.

Was there a specific reason for this blog? Absolutely not. I just feel it’s about time we start appreciating and looking deeper into the behind the scenes of the life of a landscaper. There truly seems to be more than meets the eye with these crews and I’m fascinated by it.

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