The Top 5 Pairs of Shoes in TV History – OH YEAH, OH YEAH: The Entourage Podcast ft. Jacques Slade

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The primary plot of this week’s episode of Entourage ‘What About Bob?’, which we broke down on Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast, is about Ari, E and Bob Ryan shopping their Ramones script to a number of Hollywood studios. But it’s not that plot line that people remember this episode for.

No, this episode is remembered solely as the Fukijama episode, where Vince and Turtle spend the better part of a day tracking down a pair of rare, limited edition kicks designed by a famous Japanese graffiti artist.

My guest this week was sneakerhead and YouTuber Jacques Slade, who has spent his career in Hollywood as an actor, music producer and shoe connoisseur. His YouTube channel, where he does unboxing videos and custom releases, has over 1.1M subscribers. He was the perfect guest for this episode where we discussed how sneaker culture is portrayed on Entourage and how it’s changed since 2006.

It got me thinking, what are the most famous pairs of shoes that have been portrayed on television? For movies it’s easy; Dorothy’s red slippers and Forrest Gump and Marty McFly’s Nikes come to mind. But television? This was a little tougher.

5. The Fukijamas (Entourage)

I’ll give it to the Fukijamas at #5 – without them this list would not exist.

4. Dr. Who’s Chuck Taylors

David Tennants trainers.

Traveling through time and space for over 50 years means the most important wardrobe choice a Time Lord can make are his shoes. Shortly after the 2005 revival of the British sci-fi staple Doctor Who, the charismatic David Tennant has rocked a slim suit and Chuck Taylor All-Stars. While the show didn’t invent geek fashion, it certainly popularized it.

3. Pee-Wee Herman’s Tassel Loafers

Iconic. There’s no other way around it.

2. Carrie Bradshaw’s Pumps

I know this is, and I host the Entourage podcast and all, but the amount of Sex and the City episodes I’ve had to sit through make me think my wife should start her own weekly recap podcast about this show.

1. Jerry Seinfeld’s Nikes 

There’s nobody else that personifies 90’s style like Jerry. He popularized the jeans and white tennis shoes look, a look that still exists to this day almost 30 years later! Give Jerry the crown, because no shoe will surpass the impact that this look had.


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