Why Your Uber Passenger Rating Says Everything About You

uber passenger rating


While the coronavirus talk has swept the nation, I wanted to bring another key topic to the table that we must all be aware of, girls with a bad uber rating. For the “Ask Bob Segment” of The Brilliantly Dumb Show, we heard from a young man in Oregon about a girl he is dating with a 2.4 Uber passenger rating. My advice to this young man was… get out, get out now.


In 2020 I don’t think there is a better way to judge someone than their Uber passenger rating. If you can not sit through a 10-15 minute car ride without your driver feeling the need to give you anything below a  5-star rating, we have a big issue. Especially if you just so happen to be dating that obnoxious passenger. A 2.4? Do you know how many drunk nights of throwing up in an Uber you would have to have to receive a 2.4?

Look, we all have our bad days, nobody denies that. A 3.8 or above I might be able to work with and perhaps make a valid argument for you, but a 2.4 is a problem and there should be red flags all around whatever city in Oregon this girl is from.

I think we as a nation are so quick to judge our Uber drivers based on whether or not they have winter fresh tic tac’s or toothpicks sticking out of the backside of the driver’s seat for our pleasure, but how about a little love for these guys and girls of Uber grinding it out on the streets with a 2.4 sitting in the back of their vehicle? A question and response that you can catch only on The Brilliantly Dumb Show.

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