You’re Most Likely To Be Divorced By 30 If You Have One Of These Jobs

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There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect relationship’ but some are worse than others. Life gets in the way sometimes. It changes, things go to shit, and married couples part ways. And a new study suggests that there’s a correlation between career path and divorce.

The study from Zippia was able to map out which jobs have the highest divorce rate for people aged 30 or under. It found that one career path looms high above the rest with a divorce rate of 30% by the age of 30. Why did they choose 30 as the age? Well, 30 is the average age of divorce.

This study tracked all fields and found that Military-related jobs were far and away the highest for divorce rats with first-line enlisted military supervisors the highest at 30%. Military jobs took 3 of the top 10 spots and overall, military jobs had a divorce rate of 15% by the age of 30.

Here’s what the top 15 looks like:

1. First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisors (30%)
2. Nonfarm Animal Caretakers
3. Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment
4. Advertising Sales Agents
5. Miscellaneous Entertainment Attendants and Related
6. Archivists, Curators, and Museum Technicians
7. File Clerks
8. Social Workers
9. Tellers
10. Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance Officers
11. Computer Occupations
12. Firefighters
13. Counselors
14. Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks
15. Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing (via)

You can see the top 30 here on Zippia’s website if you’re curious what the next 15 on the list look like.

Divorced by 30? Most people I know don’t even get married before 30 these days. But everyone’s situation is unique and life often changes in a hurry. Millennials are definitely getting married later in life than our parent’s generation but that trend also changes throughout the nation (Urban vs Rural, etc).

In total, the study found that the average divorce rate for all couples was 41% for first marriages. That’s pretty high, isn’t it? 41% of all first marriages fall apart and the average age of divorce is 30. Maybe getting married before 30 is just a terrible idea, no?


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