The ‘Ultimate Singles Guide’ To Food And Dating, Based On Analysis Of Over 3.7 Million Dating Profiles

by 7 months ago
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We share a lot of dating advice here at BroBible and that’s because we know what a minefield of disappointment and misery it can be at times. So any time we think there is something that might help you find and/or keep that relationship you desire, we simply have to share.

And today we’ve got something VERY interesting to share with you when it comes to dating. Online dating site and app Zoosk undertook a MASSIVE study involving the analysis of over 3.7 million dating profiles, over 360 million first messages people have sent, and surveyed over 7,000 singles to get some insight into how food and dating intersect.

They then took what they discovered and compiled it all into basically the ultimate singles guide to food and dating.

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