Unbelievably Massive 1,073-Pound Blue Marlin Caught In Hawaii, The 2nd Largest Ever Caught In Kauai

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iStockphoto / 5m3photos

It’s grander season, my dudes. The time of year when enormous blue marlin weighing over 1,000-pounds show up in fertile fishing grounds across the globe. The first ‘grander‘ of the year was caught back on Exmouth, Western Australia, the second was caught in South Africa on April 2nd, and the third wasn’t caught until July 11th.

In the past few days, Grander catches have erupted across the planet. A 1,005 lbs. Blue Marlin was caught in Hawaii on July 11th, then the fish below was caught on July 15th, after that a 1,037 lbs. Blue Marlin was caught in the Cape Verdes Islands, and then out of nowhere a 1,011 lbs. Blue Marlin was caught in Bermuda yesterday in a tournament. The BIG fish are active. We went from averaging 1 grander every 4 months to four being caught since July 11th, unreal.

The largest marlin caught worldwide so far this year is the 1,073-pound blue marlin caught by a Goodfellow Bros. construction crew fishing with Capt. Steven Yamasaki. The crew was out on a team-building exercise when they landed the 65th-largest blue marlin ever caught in Hawaii, and the 2nd largest ever caught in Kauai waters.


The crew managed to reel the fish up to the boat FIVE TIMES with the grander peeling off drag and taking off each time. It took an hour and a half for the rotating crew of anglers to land this fish, and it’s been dubbed the Yamasaki Grander by locals in honor of the boat’s captain.

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