A Blue Marlin Was Just Caught In Kona That Weighs As Much As A Speedboat, Is Bigger Than Andre The Giant

Yesterday infamous fishing captain Chip van Mols landed a 1,266-pound blue marlin fishing aboard the ‘Luna’ out of Kona, Hawaii. Something mystical is happening right now in the waters of Hawaii, because within 48-hours two gargantuan blue marlin were landed, each weighing over 1,000 pounds (known in the fishing world as a ‘grander’).

On Tuesday of this week I brought you news that the 2nd ‘grander’ of the year had been landed, a 1,058-pound blue marlin caught off Lahaina, Maui. Then yesterday my Facebook feed began to blow up when a friend of mine (Captain Chip van Mols) updated his Facebook status with a simple: “-143short 74 girth, headed for the scale!”

From there word began to spread that a truly massive blue marlin had been caught in Kona waters, and the 2nd grander of the week had been officially landed when the scales were tipped by the 1,266-pound blue marlin:

-143short 74 girth, headed for the scale!

Posted by Chip Van Mols on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Congratulations to Capt Chip Van Mols and the crew of the Luna!!!

Posted by Max Fogartee on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Capt. Chip van Mols is no stranger to the ‘world grander club’, having caught several blue marlin weighing over 1,000-pounds throughout his career. This blue marlin caught back in 2009 (almost two weeks to do the day) weighed in at 1,064-pounds and only took an astonishing 17-minutes to land.

Even with multiple granders under his belt, including the most recent 1,266-pound blue marlin, none of that comes close to topping the biggest achievement in Capt. Chip van Mols’ career. A few years ago Capt. Chip was fortunate enough to be a part of the ‘Quest for the Royal Slam‘, which might be the single greatest piece of fishing editorial I’ve ever read. It started as a conversation between two fishing buddies, and culminated with a world-wide quest to set the record for catching all nine billfish species (across many countries) in only 36 days. From the black marlin in Australia, spearfish and blue marlin in Hawaii, more marlin and sailfish in Costa Rica, and swordfish/sailfish in the Florida Keys, it’s one of the greatest fishing stories I’ve ever read. And Captain Chip van Mols assisted the anglers in catching the Hawaiian ‘spearfish’ portion of their record setting feat.

To put this 1,266-pound blue marlin in perspective, the average sailboat/speedboat weighs 1,300-pounds, and the average vending machine weighs only 600-pounds.

I’d just like to send a HUGE ROUND OF CONGRATULATIONS to Capt. Chip on catching this 1,266-pound blue marlin. If you’d like to book a charger with Capt. Chip aboard the Luna Fishing Charters and take a shot at catching a marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds you can find them here.