8th Largest Blue Marlin Ever Caught In Hawaii (1,368 Pounds) Was Landed Yesterday, Here’s What A Dinosaur Looks Like

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Yesterday a lone fisherman aboard a 21-foot skiff (angler Guy Kitaoka, boat ‘Dayna’) reeled in the first 1,300-pound Blue Marlin caught in Hawaii since 1992, with the gargantuan fish tipping the scales at 1,368 pounds. This is the 8th largest blue marlin ever caught in Hawaii, which is perhaps the epicenter of the marlin fishing world. The video below of this 1,368 pound blue marlin being hoisted up onto the scales is proof that the world is still inhabited by dinosaurs.

The blue marlin fishing culture of Hawaii is as rich and historical as anywhere else in the world, in fact if you were to write up a list of the premiere marlin fishing destinations on the world Hawaii would likely be #1 (if not top 3, depending on the time of year). I know I bring you bros news of a lot of massive blue marlin being caught out of Hawaii, already this Summer we’ve featured 4 ‘grander’ (fish weighing over 1,000 pounds) blue marlin, but this fish in particular is very special. According to the website GranderWatch, this 1,368 pound blue marlin had a “150” Short Measurement and an 83” Girth Measurement and a 22.5” Tail Measurement”, do that math and this fish was measuring almost 14-feet in length (short measurement + tail measurement), and then consider that this 1,368 pound blue marlin was caught aboard a skiff measuring only 21 feet…that’s when you start to get an idea of just how insane this catch is.

Here’s that massive fish being hoisted up onto the scales in Hawaii:

Forget for one second that this is the 8th largest blue marlin EVER CAUGHT in Hawaii (and the only one weighing over 1,300 pounds in the past 23 years, the largest blue marlin in the past 25 years), just consider for a moment how large that fish is in comparison to the boat it was caught on. Look at this fish in relation to the boat, let that just sink in a little:

Biggest Blue in Kona in the last 25 years #waiopaifishing Awesome. Congratulations to Guy Kitaoka!!!

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