1st Captain America Comic Records 5th Most Expensive Sale In Comic Book History


Getty Image / Jim Bennett

  • Over the last year, we have seen a few comics sell for more than $3 million
  • Yesterday, a 9.4 graded copy of Captain America #1 joined that esteemed group
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He may not have any stories left to tell in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that won’t stop Captain America from making headlines. Yesterday, a copy of Captain America #1, published in 1941, sold on Heritage Auction and fetched a massive price.

The first appearance of beloved Marvel hero, Steve Rogers, the book was graded a 9.4, and unbelievable grade for a book published 71 years ago. It is tied as the second highest graded copy of the book and wound up selling for $3.12 million.

Published back when Marvel Comics was still Timely Comics, this copy of Captain America #1 is now the second most expensive comic featuring a Marvel character. Less than a year ago, it was a Marvel comic that claimed the title of most expensive ever when a couple of Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $3.6 million.

The only other comics to ever sell for more were all different copies of 1 book. They were all copies of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman. An 8.5 graded copy sold for $3.25 million a year ago, a 9.0 sold for $3.2 million back in 2014, and a 6.0 sold for $3.18 million back in January. Those are the only 3 DC comics to top the Caption America sale.

This 5th highest sale in comic history could be just the beginning for older Marvel comics. There is a 9.8 graded copy of Captain America #1 that could break the sale record based on he price of this book.

We could also begin to see Fantastic Four #1 begin to challenge these numbers when Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm finally join the MCU to replace characters like Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow who finished their stories before Phase 4.

The last year has seen many key comic book issues shatter their record numbers and we shouldn’t expect to see that slow down any time soon after this Captain America sale.