This Guy Who Missed Out On Winning $2.5 Million On A Golf Majors Bet Is Having The Worst Week Ever

When it comes to losing a parlay, I am of the opinion that it is far better to be WAY OFF on your picks than it is to only miss one. And after seeing this poor bastard lose out on $2.5 million on one of the craziest golf bets I’ve ever seen, I believe that even more.

Prior to the start of golf’s major season, a guy by the name of Jordan Baker picked who he thought would win all four winners in a parlay. Obviously, the odds of winning such a thing are almost as unlikely as winning the lottery. Thing is, Baker came this close to winning.

As you can see, his ticket was cooked after the Open Championship, but the outcome of the PGA Championship added insult to injury when Justin Thomas (Baker’s winning pick) actually won. Meaning he picked three of the four major winners correctly and for his amazing predictions he won a big pile of dick.

Throughout the day, Baker updated his twitter account, praying Thomas didn’t win because he knew it would make his pain of missing out on $2.5 million that much more real.

After coming to terms with his harsh reality, he asked Fowler to make it up to him with a really reasonable request.

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Do it, Rickie. You owe it to this guy.