2015 NFL Predictions Made By Random Girls On Tinder

The 2015-2016 NFL season is only a few hours away and everyone is making their predictions on what the exciting, new year will bring. You have read what the football pundits believe will happen, and jabronis on social media have force fed you their “expert” analysis. But can you trust their prognostications? What’s the chances that these supposed aficionados actually predict what will happen? I have just as much confidence in predictions from random girls on Tinder as so-called “experts.”

The Big Lead writer Rob Perez asked random women on Tinder within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles for their predictions for the upcoming NFL season and they are compelling, if nothing else.

The Good

The Bad

Okay, maybe I was dead wrong about girls on Tinder giving just as NFL predictions as experts seeing that some of them don’t know the teams or how many games they play a year.

You can see more shrewd NFL insight from girls on Tinder over at The Big Lead.