The 2016 World Kickball Championships Ended In The Most Dramatic And Bro Way Possible

If you don’t think that the professional kickball circuit is serious business then I suspect you live in a rural area and haven’t witnessed a Summer/Fall league consisting of a bunch of (drunk) finance bros treating their 2:15pm Saturday game like it’s the Super Bowl. I’ve witnessed this firsthand as my crew and I were Central Park Summer League Champions three years running back when I first moved to NYC, and one season we even went undefeated.

Just look at the absolutely crushing sense of defeat on that bro’s face after he gets pegged and realizes he just blew the championship for his entire team by not jumping or at least knowing where the ball was being thrown from:

When I see the drama unfolding on the field during the very last play of the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship 2016 game, held this year in Las Vegas, I can’t help but feel a twinge of nostalgia for my days of throwing ropes down the line and pegging dudes at the plate (not really, I was actually the weak link on our team). That’s how this year’s championship game ended when Team Meatballs from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida caught a runner on Team Dice from Denver, Colorado. The player from Team Meatballs threw a long distance rope and pegged the Team Dice player right before scoring, and that gave Team Meatballs a 2-1 win and that play ended the game. Team Meatballs rightfully celebrated on the diamond like the bunch of champions that they are, and Team Dice flew back to Denver in second place, or as I like to call it ‘first losers’.

(h/t DIGG)

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