I’m Shocked Nobody Died At The 2016 Belly Flop World Championships Because I Nearly Died Watching This

The 2016 Belly Flopping World Championships, or Dødsing Championships as their colloquially known, wrapped up last weekend in Norway because apparently, Norway’s the only country stupid enough to still keep competitive belly flopping around. Listen, I’ll happily jump off a high bridge or pier, I’ll do a backflip off the rope swing, and if you’ve given me enough beer I’ll do a front flip off the high dive. However, one thing I will NOT do is climb my ass up the ladder and belly flop into a pool.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that belly flopping is one of those things you only do ONCE, and you don’t ever do it on purpose. Just look at the pain this chick puts herself through and try to imagine ever doing this a second time:

If you’ve ever fucked up and hit the water on accident, which I have, then you spend the rest of your life operating with extreme caution in an attempt to avoid belly flopping again. It’s not just that it hurts your stomach upon impact, it seems to bruise everything within your belly for hours (days?), and the pain lingers forever. I just cannot fathom why these dudes are competing off the high dive nor can I conceive of how there weren’t any serious injuries. Anyways, here’s more GIFs:


(h/t GrindTV)

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